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Ryan Shewchuk and Terra Avery

In the dynamic world of digital media, Forty Wolves Studios stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation, with two stalwarts at its helm – Ryan Shewchuk and Terra Avery. Their combined expertise and passion have established Forty Wolves as a premier destination in West Texas for engaging video podcasts and transformative social media campaigns.

Hailing originally from the glitz of Las Vegas, Ryan Shewchuk has stamped his mark in the realm of digital marketing and podcasting. Now based in Midland, Texas, Ryan’s journey from the desert city’s dazzling lights to the heartland of Texas has enriched his perspective, amplifying his adaptability and growth-oriented mindset.

His proficiencies in strategic marketing, video podcasting, and content creation are evident in every project he undertakes. 

Terra Avery, born and raised in Midland, brings a unique blend of local insights and global perspectives. Her diverse background, spanning hospitality, finance, and podcasting, showcases her versatility.

Terra’s role as Co-Owner of Forty Wolves Digital Marketing and her podcast, “Best of Midland Texas,” has positioned her as a prominent figure in the industry. Her deep-rooted connection to Midland and her rich professional trajectory, which includes recognition by prestigious institutions, make her a powerhouse in her field.

Together, the synergy of Ryan’s Las Vegas flair and Terra’s Midland essence breathes life into Forty Wolves Studios, creating a harmonious blend of creativity, innovation, and local authenticity.

With their strong following and undeniable influence, Ryan and Terra’s role as the creators of the multi award-winning, Best of Midland Texas website and producers of the Best of Midland Texas podcast, not only showcase their expertise but also their commitment to supporting locally owned businesses while building community connections.

About Ryan Shewchuk and Terra Avery
Ryan Shewchuk

Ryan Shewchuk


Based in Midland, Texas, Ryan is the owner of Forty Wolves Studios, a boutique video podcast studio that has become a hallmark of creativity and quality in the field. His proficiencies span a wide spectrum, encompassing social media marketing, advertising, video production, video editing, content strategy, and strategic planning. A true connoisseur of the digital landscape, Ryan is well-versed in paid advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), management, and social media measurement. Ryan's journey is a testament to his adaptability and growth-oriented mindset. As the owner of Forty Wolves Studios since 2021, he's transformed it into a haven for creativity and professional collaboration. Notably, the studio is not just a physical space but a hub where ideas evolve into tangible creations that leave an impact.

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Terra Avery


In the realm of innovation and versatility, Terra Avery shines as a prominent figure with a rich and diverse background. Hailing from Midland, Texas, Terra has crafted a career trajectory that traverses various domains including hospitality, digital marketing, podcasting, and beyond. With a reputation for hands-on leadership and problem-solving prowess, Terra has navigated roles ranging from Director of Operations at SB Wilson & Assoc, where she ensured the seamless functioning of oil & gas data processing and bookkeeping, to her dynamic role as Co-Owner of Forty Wolves. Terra's list of accomplishments ranges from being recognized as the Manager of the Quarter by Woodmark Hotel to receiving endorsements in skills like Springer Miller Systems and Opera Reservation System. In the intricate tapestry of Terra Avery's professional journey, the threads of innovation, adaptability, and a genuine passion for forging connections converge, leaving an indelible mark in the world of entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and podcasting.